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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Furniture

Well, we got our tax refund back, and decided we really needed new furniture for the living room, so that's been a fun project the past few days. My brother came over to help Jeffie put them together, and I just love them. We also have a bookcase, but it's not put together yet.
When we were shopping, Jeffie found this armoire, and when I found out that it could accomodate both the computer or the TV, I just asked Jeff if I could get two. I think they look cool, and they're exactly what I wanted. I can close them up when I'm not using them, and the videos are nicely covered up, which means Gabey won't be pulling them out as much. LOL. The TV and VCR/DVD set is new too. Our TV was so old, it needed an adapter just to be able to work with the DVD player we had. Did you know that the new brand name Insignia is actually Zenith, renamed? I didn't know that. I asked whether the worker knew about this brand name because I didn't want to get something that had no reputation, but Zenith has been around forever, so I was comfortable buying them.

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LORI said...

Very Nice!!! I like them!! I've been anxiously waiting to see the pictures :-)

Talk to you later-

Happymama said...

LOVE IT! It has a warmer look to it. :)


Shari said...

i like the lighter look of the place now. the other pieces were so black, lol. i wanted to work away from black. such a dark and dreary color, and the DUST, YIKES!! ROTFL.
thanks you guys. i'm so happy to have them.