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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Almost Accident Free!!

If you have no children, you may be reading these potty training posts and thinking, "Why is this woman so obsessed with this?" ROTFL. BUT, if you have had a baby and had to potty train, you'll know what a huge deal it is, and how it does tend to take over your life for a while.
Just about every half hour to every hour of the day, we've been working on going to the potty. It has seemed like it's going to take all his life, and then all of a sudden, he's getting it!

i just am soo excited. It seems like he's really got it now.
Yesterday, we took his portable seat with us, and I put it on the public toilets, and he went!! I made him feel better about it, by just saying that i wasn't going to flush. (i'm silently asking the people who come after me to be understanding, lol.) I'm sure you've heard the public toilets, they're sooo loud, I'm a little afraid of them myself, just kidding, but I totally understand his fear.
He stayed dry the whole day!!
Even when he had the pullup on, when we were out, he stayed dry!!

Today he was coming to me and ASKING to go sit on the potty! He knows when he's going to pee, and he does!! WHEW!!

He hid and went #2 in his underwear again today, but i'm ok, we're still working on that part of the potty training.
(I'm actually glad he's not making himself constipated by holding it in for days, lol.)

I'm going to find the picture of the little potty seat. i think everyone needs one, lol, for outings.
They're a lifesaver!! I'm just carrying ours around with us in a duffel bag.

The one i have is elmo and numbers. It's so comfortable for him, and fits on all different toilets, so he doesnt' fall through, ROTFL! I got it at Walmart.
Here is a picture off the internet, it's snoopy, lol.
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HannahV said...
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Happymama said...

Those really are a great idea. I never used one, but my sister-in-law did with her little girl and she loved it. Hers actually folded up to fit in the diaper bag, but they're really nice to have on hand.


Shari said...

it has just been perfect. we were over friend's last night, and he was able to use it like any other time.