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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Can't Pick Her Up.

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I still can't seem to find the right way to pick Frappie up. She's like a fuzzy water weenie, you remember those? You keep trying to get a hold of them, and they just slip out of your grasp. She has no scruff, and I don't feel comfortable picking her up that way anyway. I get under her, and hold her belly, and under her bootie, and she just starts flipping out, and squeezing out of my grasp. She scratched me tonight. I'm not bugged that she did, her nails just have to be clipped. I'm going to have to figure out though how to pick her up, so we're not having a fight. I bring her in the living room, and put her on the recliner with me, because she can't jump down from it. She sits with me, and I put her on my lap, and pet and brush her. She's fine with it, and she'll go and lay down by my legs, and be comfortable.

I think I have to get her new Timothy Hay too, I have a feeling this batch is not good, like it seems "overcooked" or something. She's not eating it as fast as the last bag I got her.

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