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Monday, March 19, 2007

Selling the China Hutch

I'm going to try selling the China Hutch. I love it, but our house is just too small for it. I'm thinking of selling it for $500.00. If anyone's interested, let us know. I'm going to put it on craig's list soon, but I wanted to give family and friends the chance first, so I know it will have a good home. :)


Happymama said...

I hope you can sell it. We got rid of ours too and it made a world of difference in space!! LOL


Shari said...

oh absolutely!
i thought about it, and if i really wanted to display things, i could always get some shelves. i also have a few display cabinets in the basement, that i could put the stuff in for now. and lol, the 500.00 would come in handy too.