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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mistress Frappie, oh so Happy

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Mistress Frappie
Oh, so happy
How do you eat your food?
With munching teeth
And Twitching nose
And little paws all in a row!

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I sat and watched Frappie eat her treats this morning, and it was just a joy to watch.
She had apple wedges, and man, did she just plow through them, and then without even a rest, she moved straight to the romaine lettuce leaf, and chewed through the entire thing. LOL.

She's really started liking fresh food. I'm glad. I realized that she was just too young to enjoy things before. Now, she just plows through everthing. I've given her orange, romaine lettuce, apple, grape, banana, parsley, cucumber, and carrots.
She gets romaine lettuce every day, and I just bought parsley, she'll get some of that every day too, then I just switch out on what fruit and stuff she should get.

She's adorable, she has the night routine down, and probably wishes I were more consistant. Night time comes, and I notice she's just sitting by the gate waiting for me to come. I go and get the treats, and put some in her cage, and she hops in right away. :):)

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