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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


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I'm reading a book about Lucille Ball!
I LOVE it! It's an autobiography straight from her. She had recorded it on tapes, and then put it away because she didn't want to maybe hurt Desi from some of the things she talked about. They both loved eachother their whole lives.

But I'm learning soooo much about her, I've always liked her, and my one friend is a huge fan, and it's been so much fun getting to know Lucy better through Shelley's knowledge and love of her. I have a lot of old movies, and it's cool to see the scenes that Lucy's in! She was a gorgeous lady!

I think this is the beginning of a great friendship (me and Lucy, LOL.)


Dorothy said...

She was so pretty and glamourous when she was young. She was in a lot of movies. I liked her in "Easy to Wed". You can get it from the library.

Happymama said...

I love pun intended.

Hope you enjoy the book. :)


Shari said...

i finished the book yesterday, and it was great all the way through!