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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The dish on DISH

so monday was pretty poopy dealing with the DISH people.

they're a communications company (SBC) and they don't know what they're donig, lol. and they don't communicate with eachother.

i waited from 8am til 1pm, when my mom and i were supposed to leave for my DR.s appt. the very latest they were supposed to be there was 12. the one manager called at 1, and said they could come over then. i was like..."i'm leaving now." he said he could come over first thing on Tue. i told him i was disappointed in waiting so long.

thennnn, jeffie called me after my appt. (we were at the mall) and said he called and the guy told them he was just running really late, and could come over. helloooo, i'm not home. haha.

well, we got home, and were just hanging around on the porch because it's so nice out this week.
the guy actually comes, and gets out, takes a look at the house, and tells me he doesn't think he wants to try it today! ?????
then he asks if i'll reschedule. i tell him..."damion already said he'd be by tomorrow" and this guy says.."oh i don't think he meant that." WHAT?? he's a manager? he lied to me?
so this guy sat in my driveway for a few minutes, and came back to me and made me reschedule, and i did, for Thursday, even though i was free tues morning, wed all day.
and then he sat in my driveway for another 20 minutes! i'm like, wellll, you won't try working on my house, but you'll sit in my driveway!

so, i plan on emailing them, with my complaints. and if they mess up thursday, i'm going to have jeff just cancel and get another company.

the good thing is that we're not really paying installation. we paid 50.00, but will be getting that credited to our bill the first month.

i'm just really annoyed. i mean, it's not like they're doing us a favor, WE'RE paying for their salary!! LOL. he got paid to sit in my driveway. ROTFL.

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Happymama said...

Hehehehehe....better you than me.

Love ya,