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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some People are Cat People...

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Some people are dog people, and some people are cat people. I never got into either. I had a cat and liked her, but when I had to give her away, I realized that I wouldn't want another one.

It has recently come to me like an epiphany.... I really am a bunny person! I am totally in LOVE with this little bunny bean!
She's adorable. She's a stinker! She's a comedian! She's her own "person". I love everything about her!

This week has been just fantastic. She's been bounding up to me whenever I come into her room. She's been chasing me around. I'll run to the one end of the room, and she'll follow, then back again.
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She's been letting me pick her up! I love that. I like bringing her into the living room, and having her sit on my lap, so I can pet her. She's been letting me pet her for really long periods too! Plus, when I stop, she'll follow my hand, and nudge me to do more. I have her spend time in here with us too, in the play pen. I think that has been a great thing for her. She gets to spend time with us, and know what's going on. She has her little Build A Bear house to sit in and feel cozy. She has a TON of cardboard to chew on, LOL, along with her hay, pellets, and water.

Also, I've started giving her a Romaine lettuce leaf every day. She just gobbles that up!

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