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Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Fun with Doll Maker

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

elouai's doll maker 3


mart said...

You love your little world. Your country is a mess.

Sorry to be so negative.


Shari said...

that was an interesting little comment.

i could think about the junk going on in my country and the world, but it would only make me stressed, and upset. there's only so much I can do to help change things, but other than that, I'm just going to try to make this blog a nice little diversion for people who need some happiness in their life. :):)

if you'd like to stop by and be my friend, feel free.

Happymama said...

The first one is cute with her little peace sign, but I like the second one best.


Shari said...

i love that one. it's from the doll site i use all the time. for a few days it wasn't showing up, and i was worried it wouldn't.