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Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Opinion- Priorities

Okay, I've been hearing stuff about the cruel treatment of animals that are to be used for food, like turtles overseas, and KFC chickens. I do love animals but.....

Stop thinking so much about the animals and start fighting for HUMAN life!! Holy cow, people! We're allowing millions of HUMAN babies to be murdered!! Cruelly! INHUMANLY! We are just turning our heads to the atrocity!

We're spending all this time fighting for animal rights, and we have our priorities ALL off. In the beginning, God gave Adam dominion over the animals. Animals don't have a soul like humans do, and animals are meant for food. We are omnivores. There is no nice way to kill something. You know? I mean to take any life is a nasty business, but we eat meat, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I keep a sweet little bunny as a pet. I wouldn't think of taking her for food, because I have made her personally part of our family. I do know that rabbit meat is a very fine meat indeed for people who need food. That's how rabbits got domesticated in the first place. The monks kept bunnies for food. They started breeding for nicer features, like more meat. That's just the way it was.

I'm not saying I'm happy about it all. I don't think I could go out and kill animals personally, I'd be too sad. I eat meat though, so I can't tell everyone to stop killing animals for food. (I still don't understand hunting and fishing just for sport though, I think it's fine if the animals are going to be used for food, but I don't like the idea of killing just for sport.)

What I'm trying to say is that we've gotten our priorities all mixed up. We're making animal life more important than human life. Human life matters! Let's spend our energy on THAT please.

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Happymama said...

You said a mouthful, girlie!! And I say a hearty AMEN to it.