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Monday, February 26, 2007

Church going Frappie!

we woke up Sunday morning, and the power was out in the neighborhood. i
didn't want frappie to get too cold in the house if the power didn't go
back on while we were at church, so....

i took her with me! i teach kindergarten sunday school, so it was
perfect, they were so thrilled with her. i had a little travel case
for her, and she was just fine the whole time. i even took her out,
and let the kids see her at one point.

so, frappie has been on her first outing. lol. :):)


Happymama said...

I know the children just loved having Frappie with them and I'm sure that Frappie enjoyed the attention. :)

Hope you're feeling better! Stick to a dry diet. That may help.


Shari said...

what does that mean? a dry diet?

i'm feeling a little better now, it's not as bad, still queezy, but not as bad. it's not like morning sickness or nausea, it's weird, it's like burping, and indigestion, no matter if i eat or not, lol.