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Friday, February 09, 2007

I've been sort of MIA
I'm realizing I haven't posted anything for a while. It's been a tiring week. We had a revival, and I only got to actually attend 3 of the 6 meetings. I got to see one on the internet too. My hubbie gets home pretty late, and it's just rough trying to rush out the door after he's been outside all day. We just tried not to stress ourselves out about, and took the week as it came. Other than the revival, I had a ton of things going on. When it rains, it pours! LOL.

I got to work this week, and that was nice. I also went to the Home and Garden Show with my sister and adopted sister, Michelle. It was Michelle's birthday, and they took Wednesday off to go. I LOVED it. I was just lured into EVERY single sales booth. It was so much fun! Gabey was really good, and had a blast with his 2 favorite aunties. I bought a fun nail art kit, with art pens and brushes. I had fun practicing with them. I also borrowed money from Chrissy, and got the coolest hair clip. I'll definitely showcase it in a "Do the 'Do". Michelle also gave me another cool hair thingie that makes buns, and an Oxyball Detergent kit. I haven't tried it yet. I keep wondering how it knows not to spit out soap in the rinse cycle. lol.

Today was the busiest of all. I had my dad come over to watch the baby (well, Patty Nanna really watched him. lol.) and I went to a OBGYN appt. (just routine, I'm all healthy.), then we went to lunch, and to the pet shop. I, of course, got bunny junk from the pet store, and Gabey wandered around, carrying a hamster home.

SmileyCentral.comAfter that, I dropped the baby back at home, and left again for an eye appointment. I finally ordered new glasses. I knew the ones I have right now were old, but I didn't realize. They're 7 years old! How funny. LOL. I'll take pictures when I get my new ones in. My optometrist who fits me for contacts is out because of surgery. He had open heart surgery and is recovering. I'm very sad about that. I've known him since I was in college. They're my favorite place to go. I'll have to wait about a month though to get fitted for contacts, but at least I'll have nice glasses (a really cool metalic fuscia).

SmileyCentral.comWe also had a lot of trouble with the van this week. The battery isn't new, and because of the cold weather, we literally had to use the car charger every time we wanted to start it. What a fun time that was in the 0 degree temps. Yikes. It started nicely today, now that it's warmer (comparatively).


Happymama said...

Those Home and Garden shows are wonderful. Have you ever gone to a Southern Ladies show? Well, probably not since it's southern. But they are spectacular!! A lot like the Home and Garden shows.


Shari said...

Oh, I've never been to one of thoses, that would be great!