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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weedy Fun

(copied from my message board from thursday)

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gabey and i spent a ton of time in the backyard for the first time in over a week, i would say.
he had a blast. we were out there all afternoon.

we have a ton of weeds, lol, but the cool thing about that, is the awesome flowers that go with them. ha ha.

he spent half an hour just hunting down these tiny little yellow flowers in the clovers. they're the size of a nail head, and he was like a little explorer. it was so cute. he'd pick one, and bring it to me... i had a handful of these tiny little things... and he'd gasp when he'd find another one.

then we played with these little cat tail type grass weeds... they're fuzzy and look like little green caterpillars, lol. i took the seeds off some of them, but we mostly just played with them. lol.

yesterday, we got to go across the street so he could play with his little friend Eli, and the day before my friend, Angi saved the day for us, and picked us up and Gabey got to play with Justine. it's been a good week.

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