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Monday, August 20, 2007

Cookie Thief!

Pastor told a really funny story in his Sunday morning sermon. I've been telling everyone!

A lady was traveling by plane, and was in the airport waiting for her flight. She bought a bag of cookies to have a snack while she waited.

She sat down in a chair and got out a book and started reading. She reached over and took a cookie out of the bag next to her, and was shocked to see the man next to her doing the same thing!! He was taking her cookies! She didn't say anything, but she was burning up inside, how dare he take her cookies?? She'd take a cookie, and then he'd take one.

It got down to the last cookie! The lady wondered what the thief man would do, and .....
HE TOOK THE LAST COOKIE! He broke it in half, and smiled and gave half to her!

Inside she was steaming. She couldn't wait to get away from this guy!

Finally she got on her airplane and took her seat. After being seated, she reached in her overnight bag, and found.....
AN UNOPENED BAG OF COOKIES!!!! She had been eating HIS cookies, not the other way around!!!

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