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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Great Sermon Tonight

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(copied from my message board)
i just got done listening to the revival sermon tonight, all through august they're having special thursday services.

the sermon tonight was based on joshua, and had such a fantastic truth.

he compared the Christian life with the soldiers at Jericho, and how...
the first 6 days they couldn't talk or do anything..... they never knew the reason, they just had to obey. they were soldiers, but they weren't allowed to do anthing but just walk and walk and walk day after day.

our walk as Christians is not going to be filled with miracles every day, or excitement every day...
it consists of "walking around the walls" day after day.... we wake up, and do our routine, and stay faithful to the Lord.

our walk also has to be disciplined, it doesn't matter why we're supposed to be separated, and follow certain Christian values.... God said it, we need to do it.... even just to be disciplined, and strong for him.
soldiers aren't trained to question, and they're ordered to do many weird things, and the same goes for us. we'll never understand all the commandments of the Lord, and why we have to do things certain ways, it's just our job to obey.

we don't know the outcome, we just have to have faith. this sermon helped me alot, i mean, we're right in the thick of a hard time, with gabey being sick, and we don't know how it's going to turn out, but our job as Christians is just to obey God through all of this, and have faith in HIM for the outcome.


Happymama said...

Our Pastor is leading off some special every Wednesday night services through the month of August. He'll preach this Wednesday and then different preachers will follow each week. They're calling the meetings "Summer Sizzler." Sounds good, huh?


Shari said...

oh cool!!
that was kind of like ours, we moved our wed night service to thursday so all kinds of outside preachers could come.