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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Homeschooling for a while

(copied from my message board)

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i looked at the A Beka curriculum for homeschooling K4, and it's just like the one i taught in the school with!!

i LOVE it.

it costs quite a bit, for everything i want. (but it's still not even close to the tuition i would pay if i were able to send him to school), so that helps justify it.

i'm thinking i'll have us start homeschool after the first of the year.

he's a boy, and turns 4 in november, so that will give him some time after the treatments, and he'll be a little more ready to start it. i may do k4 and kindergarted for him, just to get him through his chemo treatment, which will probably end when he's 6... then he can just start in 1st grade and be caught up with everyone else.

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