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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Newest Update on Nikki

I got this Beautiful news in my inbox this morning!! God is SOOO Good!

"Dear Ones,

Yesterday, Friday, August 10, was a red-letter day. In the morning of yesterday Nikki was released from the hospital, and the very blessed young mother returned home to her husband Brandon and baby Anna.

The significance of this is seen when we think that a mere six days before many of the staff of her hospital were privately giving Nikki little, if any, hope of living through this ordeal. Seven days ago Nikki was seriously weakened from many days of unrelenting pain, fever, pneumonia, concern about blood clots, and a pancreas badly inflamed with infection.

You prayed -- God heard -- and He chose to raise Nikki up. We praise His holy name. Her gall-bladder surgery is likely weeks away.

God bless you.


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