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Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy 2 Month B-day, Gideon

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December 15th....
Gideon was 2 months old. What a big boy. He's getting really interactive, smiling, and cooing at us, trying to "talk." He's also started grinning at toys now too. Yippee, time to start playing with his toys.

He holds his head up just great, and can push himself up when he's on his tummy. His hands are open now, and he's so cute when he holds our fingers, and blankets. He's discovering his thumb, and is starting to suck on it.

Another new thing is that he's starting to like the swing. I'm glad. He actually likes falling asleep in it. I'm going to bring it to the living room after the Christmas tree is down.

We switched to Enfamil, from Nestle Goodstart. We got a ton of good coupons, and a huge sample from them, so we used it. It was just a blessing. We were almost out of our formula, and were short on money, and it came that day! He's taking it really well, and seems to be doing even better on it. I'm fine with using it, and it's not any more expensive. Plus, we keep getting good coupons.

Last night was his first totally full night sleep! I layed him down at 11pm, and he didn't ask for food until 6:30am!! I had to ask Jeffie if he maybe took care of him while I was sleeping, but it turns out he just slept right through! What a big boy!!


Susan said...

What a cutie! I remember when each of mine slept through the night for the first time (pretty early for all three, actually) and how nice it was to sleep all night again! LOL

Shari said...

it makes such a difference. :)