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Monday, December 03, 2007

Gabey's Birthday Party

(copied from my message board)
we had gabey's birthday party on was over my mil's house. she just redid her kitchen, and it was soooo gorgeous!
i forgot my camera, but we had given gabey one of those fisher price cameras, so i got a few pics from that. it's really a cute camera, and it's drop proof, lol. gabey loves taking pics, so we just figured it would be a great gift for him.
it was supposed to be a herbie theme, but i just didn't have the energy to go all out for it, so there weren't really any decorations like i had wanted. i did make a herbie cake, but was soooo disappointed at how it turned out. the cake was tastey, so that's all that mattered, but i messed up the decorating.
first, i didn't let it cool enough, and the cake got stuck in the frosting, then i melted the frosting so it could go on, and had to fridge it to harden the frosting back up. THEN, my biggest mistake came at the very end. i decided to try to do racing stripes, and got out what i thought was cake decorating gel....
it turned out to be food coloring!!!, and i spent 20 minutes brushing and wiping, and just madly working to try to fix my mess. it came out in black looking strips, and then i brushed it, hoping that would spread the color, and it looked gross, so i tried to wipe if off with wet paper towels. YIKES!!!i'm actually glad i forgot my camera, ROTFL. i took pics with gabey's camera, and those are good enough for me. HAHA.
i had just had a rough day, my back's really been bugging me, and hurts most of the time, and i've been dealing with sinus headaches, and a tight jaw. chrissy was so awesome, and came with us. she was the biggest help all day (she always is.) gabey finally napped right about the time i had told linda mom we'd be there, so i just decided to wait til jeff got home from work and let him take us. he had a huge fit when we woke him up to go, and cried and whined for a while on the way there. i got to linda mom's and went up to her bathroom, and just had a good cry. and the rest of the night was nice. we had tacos, and just hung around.
gideon had a crying fit for a while during the party, but i got him calmed upstairs, and then chrissy was so sweet, and came up and relieved me, so i could be there for gabey's cake, and presents.
the only person from my family who could come was my sister, but jeff's family is so awesome, and they all turned up, and made it a really nice party for gabey.
he's been playing with the hot wheels track that he got, and the playdoh stuff (i LOVE the playdoh stuff he got, all kinds of shapes, and one of those cool noodle making things.)
he's eating the cookies that he got from my sister without decorations, lol. it's a decorating kit, but he wanted some of them right away, and has been munching on the plain cookies.

Herbie Cake
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Singing Happy Birthday
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The cake tasted good anyway
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Gabey's cool hot wheels track
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