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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gideon's First Night Away!

Gideon and Gabey had a sleepover at Aunt Chrissy's last night!! It was his first night away (excluding the hospital stay.)

Here he is packed up and ready to go!
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I tried to get a picture of Gabey, but he's so ornery that I can hardly ever get a good picture, LOL. He ran out of the room, and all I got was the bags with their sleeping stuff in it. HAHA.
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The 20th is my sweety's and my 5 year anniversary! Can you believe it? Well, we tried to have Jeffie get yesterday and today off work, and we arranged with Chrissy to take the kids for the weekend. Wellll, he couldn't get off work, but Chrissy is awesome, and took the kids anyway. She's coming back for the afternoon with them, and then heading off with them to spend tonight at her house again.

You remeber the line in Freaky Friday?
"I wish I could trade places with her, for just one day."
I almost feel like we've traded places. LOL. She has the kids, and I don't. I've been able to sleep a full night. I've been able to take it easy this morning. I took my pain pills, and sat with a heating pad alll morning. It was so nice, not to have to put the pain away, to take care of the kids. I didn't even do anything to the house. I did finish wrapping the gifts Jeffie and I bought last night on our evening out.

Pray that my back finally gets used to this extra strain, somehow. My lower back has given me fits since the baby was born. Plus, catching up on the laundry made my shoulders act up too. I'm tired of this mortal body, and look forward to the time when in my glorified body, I can stop and enjoy being painless.

Patiently waiting for Heaven
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I thought I would miss them more, but it's actually just been really nice to take care of me. I'm excited to see them again. I'll also be excited when she takes them back to her house, and Jeffie can go out on our Anniversary date tonight. Jeffie's taking me to the Cheesecake Factory!! OH YEAAAAAHHHH!!!
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I rented Ratatouille, and LOVE it!!! I definitely want to own allll the Pixar movies. I have most of them, and can't wait to own this one too.
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Happymama said...

Our Anniversary is the 22nd! We always finish up our Christmas shopping that night after eating at a nice restaurant. lol But hopefully we'll have all our shopping completed Monday or Tuesday.

Happy Anniversary, in case I miss it.

And I'm glad you were able to take care of YOU for a little bit. Sometimes mommies need to do that.


Shari said...

oh, i forgot about that! How totally cool! Happy Anniversary!