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Friday, March 06, 2009

Taffy checking out her new stuff

My sister gave us her cute little parakeet, Taffy. We've been enjoying her immensely. Today, I got her a new food dish and water dish. I opened the cage to install them, and she flew out. Giddy was so excited. He kept trying to touch her. She would fly around, and land on the floor, and he would get right next to her and crouch down, to touch her. She wouldn't let him though. She ended up flying into the kitchen, and I rescued her with a towel, and put her safely back in the cage. I'd love to someday be able to train her, but ah, for now, she's just a lil' wild one.

She's spent all afternoon, checking the new items out. She has to make sure they're not "enemies" LOL. So far, she feels great about the water dish, and is on to discovering her food dish. She keeps making her way over to look at it, and just a second ago, she was brave enough to bite at the top of the silo with her beak. That was good enough for the moment, and she flew to the other side to be with her mirror friend, "Taffay" (Gabey named her mirror friend.)

Taffy loves her mirror friend, and sleeps next to him and talks to it, and nuzzles it. Her bell toy, is her rival. It's so funny to see her "fight" it. She'll bite it and flap her wings at it.

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