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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Such Low Counts

We need prayer this next few weeks. We went to Gabey's monthly appointment, and his counts came back severely neutropenic... 360. It was a real shock, and my stomach has just been in a knot, every time I think about it. The past few months they kept upping the doses, and a few weeks ago, he got sick, and I'm sure that was a big factor. We've been to the mall this week, he even was digging in the back yard when the weather was nice a week ago. Eek. I just have to thank God, and pray that He continues to protect Gabey.
He's going to go off chemo for 2 weeks, and go in for an appointment to check how he's doing. He'll probably be fine by then. Soo, we have to remember to be strict again for a while, so we can keep him from catching anything. I'm so glad he's energetic, and feeling just fine. You'd never know anything's wrong.
Pray that his body will build back up, and that he won't get any fevers, or catch anything. What a time for it, viruses going around like crazy.

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