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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Believe in Vaccinations!!

I have felt sooo horrible all day. I finally took Gideon in for a catchup on his vaccinations. I have no excuse. I haven't brought him in for a wellness exam since he was like 2 months old. SOOO BAD ME!!!

Ok, now, I feel better.

We're going to be going every 2 months for a little while to catch him up on all his vacs.

It's crazy. I've always been soo all for vaccinations. I don't understand moms who choose not to vaccinate. These are epidemic diseases. But, now I can't get on a soapbox ever again about it, because I let my boy go without updating vacs for a year. Ah well, we're on the right track now.

He's a little toughie. I gave him some motrin, and he's doing fine, just the mild stuff that comes with vacs.. sore legs, fussiness, etc.

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