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Friday, March 06, 2009

He Gave Me Such a Gift, He Protected Us

I was supposed to go out to lunch with jeffie, since he's working at the lakewood post office now. I was all excited, but I got a text not to come, and that he'd explain it to me later. I was so bummed. We picked him up after work, and it turns out that there was a murderer loose, and was last seen heading toward 117th (where we were meeting, and where his actual route is). The man had taken his family's lives, and Jeff learned later in the day that he was found, and had taken his own life.When he told me this, I just welled up with tears. I love him so much. He was thinking of our safety, and didn't want us anywhere near there. LOL, he didn't tell me about it until afterwards, because he knew I'd be so worred that he still had to carry near there.I just wanted to brag on him for a little bit. We all need to brag on our love more often, they do so much for us.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! We really do need to brag on our husbands sometimes. God is so good!