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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I don't know what the right thing to do is. The warden came, but couldn't find them, (our garage is pretty packed, i'm sure he didn't want to climb over stuff to look) and I was thankful to see him leave. I know they're there. Some people have said if the warden does take them, they'll just be put to sleep right away. That breaks my heart.

I looked it up at the APL, and they would charge 60.00 for us to bring them in. (which would also mean, us figuring out how to catch them.)
I can't have cats. We have a child who can't be around sickness or infections! We haven't been able to go in our backyard. I don't want to surrender them over to be killed by the warden.

He also was pointing out all these things in the yard that are building code violations, and that attract rats and things. I have enough to worry about. He was very nice, and wasn't trying to be mean. He was telling me these things for our safety. It's just been a long evening. Pray for the best, please.


Happymama said...

Sorry you're having this problem. It's not like you don't enough to worry about right now. I hope you can resolve this soon. Have you thought about finding them and placing them in the paper free to good home?


Anonymous said...

I was able to give away a dog I found on the street by calling the Humane Society. They're a no-kill shelter and - because he had a tumor on his ear - they came the very same night I called (it was also February and we had him in the garage because we had the husky in the house and he'd NEVER have stood for another dog in the house).

It would be worth giving them a call. ((hugs Shari)) ~ jen