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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gabey has grown up so much this summer

(i copied this from my message board, so there are no capitals, lol.)
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so many things that gabey was afraid of before, he's fine with now. i'm so happy to see it.

he used to freak out in the tub, every time. it had become just something to get through...
a while ago, i changed my tactic, and instead of pouring water on his head, i just rinse him with the washcloth, he's got such short hair anyway. i promised him that i would not pour water on his head, and it changed everything.
well, now, he has a blast in there, and stays in forever.

jeff was cutting his own hair with the clippers, and gabey was watching him, and all of a sudden, he said...
"me too!" so jeff was able to cut his hair with the clippers, and gabey just stood there, grinning, and talking about the funny sound, and how it tickled. i was just dumbfounded. i told jeffie, we should have tried this a long time ago. lol. he used to be deathly afraid of the clippers, and i had stopped using them on him.

he looks so handsome. i wanted to take pictures so bad, but my camera isn't working, i think i need better batteries. it's not too much shorter, but it looks so cute.

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Happymama said...

I hope you get some pictures soon.

After all little Gabey's been through, I'm sure these other things don't seem so bad. Bless his heart. Sounds like he's becoming quite the little trooper!!