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Saturday, July 21, 2007

All Parent's Birthday Picnic

This is just such a great tradition we have. My mom, and stepdad, dad and stepmom, all have birthdays in July, can you believe it? So last night, Chrissy organized the yearly picnic. Gabey's counts were down again. Jeffie was awesome and stayed home to watch him, so I could go.

I can't believe how good of a time I had. We laughed so hard the whole night.
The food was awesome! We had footlong hotdogs, and Chrissy's awesome macaroni salad, and my Grandma's potato salad (with vinegar, onions, and lettuce). Daddy made a yummy cucumber salad. Plus, Bobby brought watermelon which was a highlight of the evening. It was so juicy, and we were laughing so hard at the chorus of slurps we all were making.

We talked about the Lord, and had some wonderful conversations about our favorite Bible passages, and just had a blast with it.

Chrissy made the most awesome cake! It was a checkered table cloth with a plate of edible hamburgers piled on top, and a line of little M&M ants trailing up to the food!

I had such a great time, my heart was just so full. Thank you, my family! I feel so blessed to have such a tight knit family, and such wonderful times like these.

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