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Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Wonderful Gift from the Lord

It's been a few years since God has given me any songs to write. I've never felt like it was me writing them, but just God guiding me along.

Praise Him! Sunday, I woke up, looked at the sunshine, and just got this huge gift from the Lord. I really felt like He was touching me, to tell me "it's ok, I'm here!" by giving me the inspiration for this song.

Praise His Name

It's a beautiful day,
Since the Lord is in charge;
A beautiful day,
Since I'm not on my own.

He's the King of my Soul...
Forever will be...
Praise His name!

He is guiding my way
Through the highs and the lows.
He's guiding my way
Wherever I go.

He's my Strength and my Shield...
Forever will be...
Praise His name!

He keeps me singing,
Even in my darkest days.
He gives me comfort
To face
Whatever it takes...
Whatever befalls...
Whateve my Lord wants
I'm giving it ALL.

It's a beautiful day
Even through all the trials.
The hopes and the blessings
Are worth every mile.

He's the Giver of Gifts...
The Maker of Dreams...
Praise His name!

With no questioning why
I will follow Him through.
The length of my days
I will always be true.

He's my Savior, my Life,...
My love and my Joy,...
Praise His name!

-shari dippong 5/6/07


Christine said...

God wants to hear us sing even in the rough times. I am so glad that He gave you such a beautiful song.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful song. I can't wait to hear the music that goes with it.

((hugs)) ~ jen

Happymama said...

That beautiful, Shari. It's amazing how are hearts fill with song when we are putting our trust in our Father.