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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We went for a drive

It was gorgeous out yesterday, so we hung around out back for a while, and then went for a long drive. Of course, we had to stop for chicken nuggets for the baby. He's been asking for chicken nuggets or bacon every day. ROTFL.

He's doing great. He's just happy to be off the "tubey". He keeps trotting up and down the hall, and at one point, he said...."I'm not plugged in!"

My tulips are beautiful, fully grown, and just lush. I'm thankful they waited for me to come home so I could enjoy them. :)


Happymama said...

Well of course, you must stop if the baby wants chicken nuggets. LOL That's a MUST!

I'm glad you're getting to enjoy your tulips. The disappear so quickly.


Shari said...

and mine are HUGE! i got them in a fundraiser for a friend, and boy did i get my money's worth. :)