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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Camera Phone Stinks.. but i'll show pictures anyway.

going to put some random photos up that i took with my camera phone. i still can't find my cord to my real camera. it's really bugging me. ah well. i think i'm going to be getting a new camera with our taxes.  (crossing fingers and toes)

Giddy and I made Coffee Filter Snowflakes 

I put up a little Paper Station, to display the school papers and art for the boys.

The coolest Invisible Shelves that i got for Christmas

Set up my little Vintage Nook in the hallway

Gloomy Day, no milk for cereal, so we had waffle sundaes. <3

Shari's Pasta Surprise- no surprise, really, and lots of yum.
(Bowtie pasta, black olives, ham, sliced fresh tomato, 
garlic, olive oil, butter, salt, pepper, italian spice)

This is what happens to Ivory soap when you microwave it for 2 minutes

French Dip Crescent Rolls- got the recipe from Pinterest.. big hit.

Fun Marshmallow Sculptures with the boys

Snow Painting with Giddy

Powdered Donut Wreath (AKA Coffee Filter Wreath)

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