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Monday, January 02, 2012

Hopefully, a New Year's Tradition

We had such a great New Years evening, even with the boys and their crazy bad coughs. We stayed in, and I planned some crafts, and games for us. Chrissy came over, and then later, my mom came over too. I told them they could come over as long as they were ok being in a sick house. I still can't find the cord to my real camera, so I'm including the low quality, but perfectly adequate phone camera  photos.

I made ice ornaments with fruit inside,

and we made pine cone ornaments when Jeff got home from work. I'm hoping to keep doing this every year. 

Later, when Chrissy came over, we made mini pizzas with english muffins, and LOVED it. I think that's going to be made much more often.

I made a really easy bean bag toss game out of rice filled balloons, and baskets with points marked. We all played and it went really well. I also made balloons with glow sticks inside, but couldn't get a good photo of them. I tried making a little hover craft, and remembered the directions wrong, and used superglue instead of hot glue. oops. It did work for a few minutes, so we'll try it again next time we have junk mail cds.

Side note, and aHAH moment.. figured out that Parmesan cheese containers make GREAT cinnamon shakers. 

Today, Jeff was off work, and the weather was perfect to put out the feeders, so we took a mini outing to the side of the apartments. There is a little stretch of woods, so we were able to just hang them there.

The boys and Jeff played for just a little while. They both still have pretty bad coughs, so they just threw a few snowballs and then came back inside.

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