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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Beautiful.

Gideon came out to the living room this morning, and saw the huge balloon Jeff got me. He just started at it, and just murmured "It's beautiful!"

It's been a good day. Over the weekend, we were able to buy a second car, so today, I had a blast going out and about. Giddy and I went to the store and got Valentine's goodies. We dropped presents off with Jeff on his route, and Gabey when he was in the lunchroom at school, and Chrissy at the church. We ate lunch with Chrissy, and then hopped back over to another store, and picked up food to make a pot roast for dinner. How wonderful it was to just be able to bundle up Giddy, and go. We've been stuck in the house for so long. This is going to be an amazing spring!

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