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Friday, February 25, 2011

Highlighting a Woman of God

My friend, Kaila, did a wonderful photo shoot this morning of our mutual friend, Kristin.
Kristin wanted to have some good family photos done before she starts Chemo.
If the tumors don't respond to chemo, she will have 3 months to live. My heart breaks for her, and her family. We have been praying almost round the clock for her, every time we think of her, we ask the Lord to bring a miracle. There is a group on facebook dedicated to praying for her needs, and her healing.

Please, remember them in serious prayer. There isn't time to say, I'll do it tomorrow.

Kaila's post

Group on Facebook

1 comment:

Grace and Bradley said...

It will be a hard journey for little Kristin, wish her the best luck!!