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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Quite Afternoon

Gideon has actually taken a really healthy nap this afternoon, and it's given me a chance to watch a few episodes of Martha Stewart. I just love her shows. We recently got Dish back, and so I've been insanely DVRing everything. LOL. We got it just in time to get a ton of great Christmas shows.
One Christmas movie that really made an impression on me was... The Christmas Choir. I'm making sure to DVR it when it comes on again. It's about a man who starts a choir at a homeless shelter, showing on Hallmark channel.

We're doing fine here. We've been down to one vehicle, since spring. ugh. So, ever since Gabey started Kindergarten, we've been packing up all the kids in the morning, and I've dropped off Jeff at work, and then taken Gabey to school. Then in the afternoon it starts again, in reverse. I've loved having Gabey in school, but I do miss him. He's my craft guy, plus he does keep Giddy occupied a lot. They're always messing with each other now though, so I hear a lot of whining and tattling when they're together. LOL.

Giddy is in his terrible twos, and mannnn is he good at it! Every 5 minutes at least, he's putting something in his mouth he's not supposed to, or getting into something he shouldn't, or making some kind of mess. He's the grossest boy ever. And he's got an obsession with shoes. But, he's gorgeous, and loving, and makes my heart melt when he puts his little arms around me, and pets my arm saying... "nigh" (nice)

Gabey is 6, and doing just great in school. I'm so proud of my boy. He's so tall, and smart, and handsome. He's found his singing voice, and I love listening to him making up songs while he's playing. It's a hobby of ours, to change the words to songs. I've done it since I was little, and it's cute to hear his creativity.

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