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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Smokey is a cool dog.

i am amazed at how obedient Smokey is. i haven't really trained him, and he's only 7 months old. i'm so wonderfully surprised at how obedient he is. what a smart dog. i can't wait for my hubbie and i to go to a training class with him. if food falls on the floor, he'll go to it, but if i say no, he just comes back to me, and if the gate to the kitchen is open, and he wants to go through, i just say no, and he'll walk right back. he's so attentive! i'm still having issues with potty... i just have newspaper right now, and he's really good, but i think some of his accidents are him marking, because i haven't had him neutered yet (that's this next month). he won't poop on the
paper, but usually keeps it in his own room, which is better than nothing. (he has been a stinker 2 times, and pooped and peed on my son's bed. ugh. my son still wets his bed though, so i'm thinking he may have smelled that.) he patiently sits by the gate when i go downstairs, and by the bedroom, or bathroom, when i go in those rooms too. i've never been a dog person, truly, and i didn't think i'd like him as much as i do, lol. my hubbie and son have always wanted a dog, but it turns out this little guy is all mine. ha ha. he chose me. he's just the kind of watchdog i wanted too. he's not a yapper at all, hardly ever barks. when he's really excited, or when someone comes to the door, he barks, and lets everyone know he's there. but once he knows they're ok, he settles right down, and is back on my chair. i love it. he's quite a stress reliever.

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