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Monday, April 13, 2009

Slideshow of Babydoll, plus Pics of her Closet Condo

I'm so impressed with Babydoll so far. She's really easygoing. She's fun to cuddle, and is doing very well at giving me signals when she needs to go back to her litter pan. She's only had one accident, and that was because I didn't realize that she wasn't just exploring, but looking for a place to go. LOL.

I made a cage in the CLOSET for her, LOL. I took off the door, and she's out of the way, but right there for us. I can build up and back when she gets bigger and more active. I put gates up, and have been letting her run the hallway for bits.
Here is a pic of her new closet condo! ROTFL!


This is a slideshow of some of the pics of her, and some pics that I was making for a photo contest on I played around with photobucket a bit for those.

1 comment:

happyone said...

What a great home for Babydoll. She must love her new home!!!