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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I love you even when....

I love you, Giddy.

I love you even when you put stuff in my coffee, like life cereal, and matchbox cars, and I have to fish them out, and scrap the coffee.

I love you even when you scream and cry the minute I lay you down for bedtime (and I let you because I'm so tired of this routine) and I find out the next morning that you got yourself so mad that you puked (noodles that dried like cement all over the floor and crib).

I love you even when you call people with my cell phone because you're chewing it and pushing buttons.

I love you even when we go outside,and I find you sitting in a mud puddle eating the muddy rocks.

I love you even when you pull out the Wii TV plugs, or pull the gamecube down off the shelf.

I love you even when you find the styrofoam inside a random box, and spread it all over, and eat it, and puke it up all over the floor.

I love you even when you find a way to open the babyproof gate, and try to sneak down the basement stairs, giving mommy a heart attack.

I love you even when you put all the wrong things into the garbage, and take all the wrong things out.

I love you even when you rip up library books (I'm going to be in so much trouble.)

Giddy. Even with all these things that you do that drive me insane. I still love you like crazy, and think you're the most beautiful boy I've ever laid eyes on.


Regina said...

That's so sweet Shari. My son is a little bit bigger now..
Thanks for visiting me. Happy April 1st..

AlexyRouse94 said...

Awwwwwww. This is so sincere and sweet.