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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Scenic Sunday (a little late)

For my first Scenic Sunday submission... what could be more scenic than Fallingwater in the autumn? This is the coolest house ever, built over a waterfall.

Scenic Sunday


Fadil Wimala said...

amazing colors of the trees! and that house is really unique.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shot! What a place for a house - although it detracts from the beauty of the waterfall, I think. Your butterfly/critter post is simply breathtaking!

Thankyou for stopping over earlier and for you comment - it's a photomerge with 2 seperate photos and then photoshopped.


Shari said...

the house is a great story. the Kaufmann family wanted a house in those woods, and wanted it to blend in with the surroundings, so he built the house right over the falls, they could hop out their door and play in the creek. he had everything made to try to blend in, and be part of the surroundings. it was back in the 1930's, one of the first houses to try to be nature's a neat house.

Aisha said...

This is such a beautiful place! I'm glad you could join SS. Welcome!