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Friday, October 05, 2007

Pray that I have the baby TONIGHT!! LOL.

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Ok, the Lord has a plan, and I'm waiting on that plan.

Gabey's counts were still too low to go head with the treatment, and I have another week to have the baby before we start the treatment for him. BUTTTTTT, my OB is off next week, so it would just really work so wonderfully if I could just have the baby tonight, or tomorrow. My OB could be there for the delivery, and I would have enough time to recuperate, and we could rest before we started Gabey's treatment.

I was only 2 CM dilated on Tuesday, and I haven't had that much action since then. WAAAHHH. OH well, it could still happen. :)


Dorothy said...

I've been praying for that same thing. The timing would be perfect. But in life we don't get everything we want, do we? It may not work out perfectly, but it will work out!

Anonymous said...

Shari, I pray for Gabey and You and Jeff and Gideon every day. Trust in the Lord and be faithful that His plan is in your best interest.


~ jenb

Happymama said...

Shari, I'll pray for you!! Can't wait to see the little guy!!