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Thursday, October 18, 2007

May Stay the Weekend

Gideon may stay the weekend, just so they can keep a good eye on him. He's doing fine right now. He's kept all the food down today that we fed him. They switched him to Progestirin, which is made from Enfimil (not sure of all the spelling). It has partially digested fat, so it is easier for the tummy to absorb, and also a special oil too. I'm not sure if he'll have to be on it for the long haul, or if we'll be able to go to regular formula at some point. We had such a good visit today. I just enjoyed him so much. I got to feed him, and I brushed his hair, and just snuggled to my heart's content. It was such a heart lifter.

Here are some pictures of today.

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Gideon did the sweetest "smile" right before Jeff shot this photo, and I love the pouchie face he has in the picture.
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Mommy and her grandson
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Anonymous said...

He is just precious!!! Im so glad hes doing better on the new formula. I pray that he goes home with you very very soon.
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful boy! I just love the "cheeky cheeks". I'll be praying for him to come home to you soon. If you need anything..let me know!

Love in Christ,

Dorothy said...

He really is prettier in person. The camera doesn't capture his sweetness.

Happymama said...

Shari, he is just so cute!!! I can't get over his cheeks. I left you another comment in your post announcing his birth, but congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for your family. How is Gabey enjoying his new little brother?