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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Rascal Dog Litter Box

I recently ordered a Rascal Dog Litter Box for Smokey. I was very excited when I found it online at I knew when I first saw it, that it made perfect sense for an inside dog. Smokey is so attached to me that he won't go outside on his own. Plus, he can get out from under the fence, and he goes off trying to find me, unless I stand outside with him. With him being such a smart dog, I had a feeling if I got this litter box, he'd get the hang of it.

It's taken a few weeks, I haven't really done any major training, but he's going in the box! I'm so thankful. He was already fairly paper trained, so it has worked so nicely. I don't have to keep changing the paper all the time, and it doesn't smell. He's still making accidents, but I think that's partly because he's not neutered yet. He still won't poop in it, but he keeps it all in his room, and it's easy to just toss it in the toilet. We'll keep working on it. :)

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Kristi said...

Hi is so cute!