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Friday, September 14, 2007

Still Here. LOL.

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I just popped on to update on Gabey's blog. We're doing well. God is amazing. Gabey's though 3 weeks of his newest treatment, so far, and God is keeping the side effects away,except from the steroid, and that's not serious at all. We're all just so glad it's going so great.

I'm doing ok, just really sore. I spend a lot of time in my recliner lately. LOL. I carry my babies so low, it just makes me hurt. The baby is doing great, and really active.

My uncle and aunt are coming in from Texas this weekend. They've never gotten to meet Gabey. I'm excited. Gabey's counts are up, so we may be able to go out to eat with them. WOOHOOO.

we're all pretty worn out
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Happymama said...

Ahhh, sweet picture of father and son. :) I'm glad his counts are up. We're still praying for him!!