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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ultrasound Tomorrow

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I finally called for an appointment, and they had a cancellation for tomorrow to get an ultrasound.
I'm so excited. Jeffie was actually able to get the whole day off, and so now we don't have to worry. We have to go to the Clinic tomorrow also, to sign a consent form for Gabey, so we'll go from there to Hillcrest, where we'll get the ultrasound.

In the beginning of this, I was afraid that if I found out it was a boy, I'd be really disappointed, but today, I guess since we're finding out tomorrow, I really started thinking about it....

and I have a real calm.
I know now, that either way, I'll be totally contented.
If we are having a boy, I am absolutely good with it.
We even talked about the name Gideon again and confirmed that it would be his name if it's a boy.

So, tomorrow, you will see pictures, and meet either Grace or Gideon.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good luck and i hope its a girl because i have two wonderfull one named Chris and Shari
love dad