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Friday, June 01, 2007

Presents and Pools

Gabey had only one med to take today. WOW. I can already tell he's getting back to normal after the steroid. He's asked for food, but not nearly so often. We've had a chance to play around together. I've been luring him into my room, because it's air conditioned, lol. We played with his board books, and one of them is a colorform one, with Thomas reusable stickers. We played quite a few games with that, and had so much fun.

Yesterday, after Gabey's appointment, we went to Target, and bought him presents for making it through his 29 days. We're so proud of him. We got him a cool "new Mater" that makes noises, and stuff, and we got him another train for his Thomas set.

We also got an inflatable pool. I'm so happy. It's so hot here right now, and only our one bedroom is air conditioned.

I'm going to try to get Gabey to go in the pool this afternoon. I want him to get used to it, so we can spend some comfortable time in there.

Last night, we went to meet Jeff's family for dinner. It's Michael's last weekend here in the states, so we wanted to see him before he left. He goes back to Iraq. We were so glad to see him here on break, safe and healthy. I think he may be back home again this October. I was so happy to hear that, because it means he'll be here in time for the new baby! :)


Tee Pendolino said...

Hi Shari, I love reading your blogs. Your sweet spirit inspires me. God has blessed you so much and I'm so happy that His plan was to heal Gabey. I really look up to you because of your gentleness and quiet strength. You're a terrific mom and fantastic friend. You'll always be in my prayers. Luv--Tracie

Happymama said...

I'm sure Gabey will enjoy the pool. Good idea!

And I'm so glad you got to see Michael before he goes back to Iraq.

And speaking of the new is that goin? HMMMM????