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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Growing like Weeds

I have gotten so out of the habit of blogging, that it's really been hard for me to get back into it. I always like the idea of having a journal to look back on, especially since I have the memory of a Tsi Tsi fly. My kids are getting so big, and say and do hilarious things every day, and I'm missing out on putting it in the my memory bank online.

Gideon is three and a half now, and still astounds me with his ability to destroy, and make messes. He is very impulsive, and will just rush off to do something with no regard to consequences. Aside from those times when he tries everyone around him, he is a very funny, lovable little guy. He's cuddly, and beautiful, and very social. I love taking photos of him, because as long as the photo is in focus, it's a good photo. He is so photogenic, it's crazy. He still has his white blonde hair, and I'm praying it stays with him for a while still. His dark eyes, and long lashes, and that cottony hair, are just irresistible.

Gabriel is growing into a wonderfully healthy, intelligent young man. His grades in school were great this year, and his reading ability is very impressive. The Stanford test showed that is math skills are pretty average for his age... 1-2nd grade work, but his reading is overall at the 6th grade level. One segment of the test had PHS as the result, and I was surprised and proud to learn that it meant Post High School! it was one of the sub sections of the overall reading. I can't remember which skill it was. He is handsome, and obedient, and I am just so thankful we have this miracle in our family. His leukemia has been defeated, and he has been off chemo for almost a year now. Praise a merciful Lord.

A most important bit of news I have to share, is that Gabriel accepted Christ as his Savior this past Sunday, in Sunday School. We have been talking about it for a few months now, and he raised his hand in the invitation, and was led to the Lord by Dustin Brady (i'll forever be grateful). He made a public profession in church that night. I was so proud of my little brother in Christ, as he stood up in front of the church, to let everyone know of his new relationship with Christ.

This summer is two weeks old now, and so far, we've gone to playgrounds almost every day we could. I decided this summer would be a Playground Mania. I want to have us visit all the playgrounds in Brook Park, and go to a playground almost every day. The boys love it, and it gives me the time to work on my hair wraps. As long as there's a bathroom, and we have snacks and drinks, we can comfortably stay all day at a playground. It's definitely a win win.

I have been so thankful for my car, and we've worked on getting out of the house a lot more because of it. We've been to the mall, and the playland, the Rocky River nature center, and the metroparks. Jeffie has taken us to the Lake nature center, and the zoo for Dreamight at the Zoo, and also bowling. He also has started softball again, so we're having fun joining him at his games.

I found a great site called Macaroni Kids, and it has a calendar of fun things to do on the west side, so it's helping me find outings for the boys.

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