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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good for You, Dad!

A few weeks ago, my dad got bad news from the doctor. He went in for a swollen wrist that wasn't healing, and they took some tests. Tests are always scary. They came back that the wrist was from gout, from his high blood pressure. Also, though, they showed that his sugar counts were over 400. Diabetes. My dad has always been healthy, fighting through every physical obstacle, and praise the Lord, this moment was no different. Since finding out how his his sugar was, my dad has gotten a monitor, and taken his counts twice a day, and totally changed his diet. He has cut out sugar quite a lot, and with the double problem of high blood pressure, he's also having to cut out a lot of the high sodium processed foods too. Patty Nanna, his wife, and a great stepmommy, has just been a trouper in helping find and cook foods that will help him. His counts have steadily been lowering, and today, he told me that his blood sugar was 100!!! That count is normal! PRAISE a GREAT GOD!! Now, he's going to have to keep dealing with this, but he may be able to fight this with diet and excercise alone, I'm so thankful. Good for you, Daddy! I'm so proud of you!

great job smiley

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